Alys The Bakerland was found by Alyson, who is a food lover. She focuses on being healthy by eating right and maintaining regular exercise weekly. One day, Alyson was looking for a healthier breakfast menu to prepare it for work. Eventually, the idea of granola came to mind, and she has decided to make healthy granolas and turned it into a business.

Choosing the right food makes much difference in our health. Our aim is to create a healthier way of having breakfast and snacks. Hence, Alys The Bakerland granolas are made with light olive oil and organic extra virgin coconut oil that are free from preservatives, flavourings and refined sugars. She sourced premium ingredients such as old fashioned rolled oats, nuts, dried fruits and honey which then added into her flavours.

Every batch of granolas is made by hand with love to produce the right taste and texture. So, granola for breakfast and snacks can never go wrong this time!